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ARROW’s mission is to open the doors to everyone interested in directly contributing to the making of our culture’s artistic adventures. Arrow is a new philanthropic force where people collectively fund a special project. Arrow's partnerships include the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Bangarra and Sydney Youth Orchestras. We're currently in partnership with the Sydney Opera House. All our projects are tax deductible.



To open the doors to all people
wishing to contribute directly to the
making of our culture’s artistic adventures

To nurture creativity and new thinking

To pioneer creative partnerships and leverage new cultural models

To be inspired by ambitious cultural ideas and ready to take risks

To be collaborative and empowered to act collectively

To be audacious and engaged with contemporary life

To build a body of transformative Australian work which offers new stories and new ways of understanding our place and our time.


advisory board

Jo Pretyman (partnerships)

Jann Gardner (governance)

Anna Shepherd

Jane McDermott

Nicola Penn

Martin Portus

Stephen Wells

Scott Marinchek

digital & content

Lea Jobson

Janne Ryan

founder & curator

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Janne Ryan

Janne is an ideas curator, founder, and angel investor working across innovation, design and architecture, and start-up philanthropy projects. She is Founder, Arrow Collective, currently in partnership with Sydney Opera House on cultural projects. Janne works for TED Conferences (NYC-based), and in agriculture (Hunter Valley, NSW), having worked with the ABC, Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Semi Permanent, Remix Sydney. She is Founding Executive Producer and Founding Curator, TEDxSydney.

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